Leadership Spotlight: Darby Johnson

Our selection for Leadership Spotlight this month is Darby Johnson, who works as the Camp Director for Camp Rockin' U. Every summer from July to August, Darby leads her team of counselors as campers enjoy a week of outdoor activities and exercises designed to boost confidence and grow communication skills. Read on to learn more about Darby!

Leadership Spotlight

Can you describe your background and what led you to EA Family Services, and then Camp Rockin' U?

I was hired to be a cabin leader the first year the camp was open, 2003. I had no experience in a traditional camp and was blown away by the idea of playing for a living. For the next three summers I kept coming back as Program Director, and through that position was able to learn more about EA. I wandered through life for a bit but eventually found myself back at Camp Rockin' U, and I haven't left. If I wasn't working with the camp, I'd most likely still be meandering through life, wondering what to do with myself. 

Are there any experiences from your early life that helped to contribute to your success?

In high school I was really involved with leadership and played with kids a lot, and I spent my youth in the mountains of Utah on camping trips with my family. I studied Parks, Recreation, and Tourism with an emphasis in Adventure and Outdoor Recreation at the University of Utah, mostly because I knew I wanted to work at Camp Rockin' U. I've been fortunate enough to have many EA folks encourage me, tutor me, mentor, and train me. Essentially, my time spent within EA is what's contributed to my success. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in working with youth in foster care?

Do it! I love getting to talk with them, and I feel extremely lucky that my number one goal with my job is to ensure that every foster youth that comes through our gates has the best week of their lives! Those campers that grow up and become counselors that I get to watch grow and give back is incredibly rewarding. 

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?

Anything outside. Backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, sitting on the beach, sitting by a river, and camping. All with my two little mutts causing a ruckus at my side. 

What's a fact about you that would surprise most people? 

I love video games, especially old school Nintendo and Sega Genesis. 

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