Leadership Spotlight: Jasmine Nutt

Jasmine Nutt

This month we're pleased to feature one of our amazing Social Worker Supervisors, Jasmine Nutt, for Leadership Spotlight! After earning her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Spanish, she worked as the Assistant Director with a small nonprofit. While there, she was able to lead some of the first AP12 efforts in Los Angeles county. While in grad school, Jasmine worked in two separate group home models, studying the subtleties (while also witnessing the first wave of STRTP implementation). 

After earning her Master's in Social Work, she worked on mental health policy at the CA Department of Education, which eventually led her to EA Family Services. Read on to learn more about Jasmine!

Were there experiences in your early life that have contributed to your success with EA? 

It's common knowledge that my mother was a former foster child. Having a young mother in state care allowed me to develop a unique lens that helps me to see the bigger picture, while still understanding just how different every experience is. I use my personal experience to understand different perspectives, and I'd like to see a world in which people take the time to understand others. Having the big picture approach helps me to think strategically when addressing issues. Still too new to claim success, but every day I feel more and more excited to be a part of EA & the direction we're moving in!

What advice would you give to someone interested in working with youth in foster care? 

Check your privilege. Too often we approach children with a social service lens, because organizations call for measurable outcomes. I feel that we're more successful when we check both our personal beliefs and our 'social work hat,' and make an effort to see the youth in their reality. To truly understand someone's history is to not only provide quality services, but to give context for positive and beneficial relationships. Good advice for our work, but can really be used for everyone, everywhere!

What do you enjoy doing while you're not at work?

My children are my number one priority, so I spend any free time with them. I feel like having them while in grad school forced me to give up my tendency to work too hard. As a workaholic, having them has been a blessing, a headache, and a wakeup call all in one!

What's a hidden talent you have, or something about you that would surprise most people? 

I have the ability to uncross and separate my eyes! Intrigued? Ask me to show you! As for what might surprise people, during my internship with the CA Department of Education, I sat on the policy planning board for a suicide prevention bill. I'm happy to report out of AB 2246 came a model youth suicide prevention policy that I had the pleasure to be involved in. (Learn more about that here). 

Anything else you'd like to add? 

It's truly a blessing to be here! EA has guided me back towards my lifetime goal of supporting foster youth, and I look forward to continuing to be involved in any way that I can.