Big News From Lake Francis Resort & Camp Rockin' U


We're going solar! This decision has been in the works for a while, and our leadership team felt strongly that supporting the switch to solar power was important. Rhona Bekker, who's integral to running the operations at Lake Francis Resort, had this to say:

"Everyone at Lake Francis is very excited that we're installing solar power. The bank of solar panels (360 in fact), will produce enough power to cover the entire facility, which is no small feat. We're so thankful that our Board of Directors approved this investment in making the switch to renewable green power."

We're excited to finally be able to share this news with the public, and we look forward to continually growing and improving EA Family Services, Lake Francis Resort, and Camp Rockin' U. 

The Camp Rockin' U summer season has officially begun! Have you registered your kiddos yet? Learn more and register here. If you're planning a trip for the whole family, visit the Lake Francis Resort website where you can view photos of each of our cabins and reserve your spot!