Interview with a Featured Foster Parent

Here at EA Family Services, we’re lucky to work with an incredible group of foster parents. Today we’re bringing you an interview with a foster mother that we’ve worked with for over twenty years. Read on to learn more about what motivated her to become a foster parent, her advice to anyone interested in a similar path, and more!


What motivated you to become a foster parent?

My son was born premature, and we were having to do a lot of in-home treatments for him. There was a specialist that would come and help, and she said “oh you’re so great with kids, you should do foster care!” I signed up to be a foster parent through the county, and I was there for a little while, but then I moved over to EA Family Services.


What prompted you to transfer to EA?

Someone suggested that I check them out, and when I did switch over the difference was like night and day. The support is amazing, I’ve never had a complaint with them. I couldn’t be happier. When I call them I always get a call back, and when I have question it’s always answered.


Was there anything you were nervous about, before you began fostering?

I think I was just afraid of the unknown, I just didn’t really know what to expect.


What’s been your best moment as a foster parent?

Anytime when I hold one of those little babies (laughs).


What’s something you wish more people knew about fostering?

Well, I don’t think it’s for everyone. I hear so many people say “how can you love another child?” But that’s how I am, I love everyone who comes into my home. I treat them like they’re my children, because that’s what they need. If you’re going into fostering to adopt, I think you just have to put it in God’s hands. It’ll work out the way it’s supposed to, and that’s all we can do. You just have to love the child when they’re there, protect and support them, and when they’re gone you put it in God’s hands. My belief is that when something is meant to be, it falls into place with no struggle.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about working with EA Family Services?

EA is amazing, I would never consider leaving.