Employee of the Month: Ryan Stohr

Hannah Shaw

What originally made you want to work with EA?
I originally applied because I enjoy working with children, everyday I get to be part of the children’s life and it is a wonderful feeling.

Describe what your best day on the job looks like:
Going into work and visiting with my coworkers and then being able to see the kids.

What do you wish people knew about working in your field?
All the effort social workers, foster parents and staff put in to make the children’s life’s better.

How do you practice self care?
I enjoy going on hikes as often as possible and cooking good food. I like spending time at home with my cats and dog.

What's a hidden talent you have, or something about yourself that would surprise most people?
I am currently planning a long road trip for this summer to travel around the western U.S. to visit multiple national parks.