Become a Transitional Housing Program Resource

Have you heard about our Transitional Housing Program?

Our Transitional Housing Programs were created to support young adults in foster care ages 18-24 as they transition into adulthood. If you've ever considered fostering, but found the process too complicated for your family, becoming a THP resource is an excellent route to consider.

THP Resource


Read on to discover the different ways you can get involved, the requirements for each option, and how to get in touch with our team if you’re interested in moving forward.


Host Home

By becoming a Host Home, you'll be given the opportunity to mentor a young adult in foster care, working together to help them achieve their goals and attain valuable life skills while they reside in your home. 


Room Rental

This option is recommended for those who might have a room available in the home, but don't have the time or interest to mentor a young adult. Although this route is much less time intensive, your participation will still have a huge impact. 



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the requirements to become a Host Home or Room Rental resource?
    • To qualify for either, you must have a room available that's not being used for any other purpose, the home must meet basic health & safety standards, and all those living in the residence must be able to pass a background check. 
    • If you meet these requirements and would like to become a Host Home, you will receive additional training, information, and ongoing support. 
  • Will I receive compensation? 
    • Yes. The exact amount will vary based on a variety of factors. 
  • If I become a Host Home, what sort of skills will I be responsible for teaching the young adult placed with me? 
    • You will help them develop knowledge surrounding basic budgeting & banking, health & nutrition, job preparation, and more. Your mentorship will give them the life skills they need to transition out of foster care and into adulthood. 
  • If I choose the Room Rental route, what will my level of involvement be?
    • Very little. Once approved, you would essentially be the landlord to the young adult living with you. EA Family Services is liable for any issues that might arise, and you would receive a monthly stipend to cover the cost of the room. 


If you'd like more information about becoming a THP resource, we'd love to chat with you! Please fill out our contact form & we'll get in touch promptly.