Leadership Spotlight - Joe Wylie

Joe's wife, Brenda, and him had been foster parents with EA for 20 years. Joe was a laser engineer for 20 years and traveled all over. He was looking for something to do where he didn't have to travel anymore. Joe called Tim Wilkinson and asked him about opening a group home but he told me that there was a moratorium in California on opening group homes and that wasn't possible. Two days later, Tim called Joe and said that an Administrator in Susanville had passed away and that he could transfer the beds to another group home if he was still interested. Joe agreed and set out to buy a house big enough, and found one in Richvale and the rest is history.

Leadership Spotlight - Joe WylieWere there any experiences you had early in life that have contributed to your success with EA Family?

Having a great, supportive family growing up and wanting to try to give these kids I work with a taste of that.

What advice would you give to someone interested in working with youth in foster care?

It is a very challenging job but the rewards are very worth it. Sometimes you will not know for years the positive impact you have had on the youth you work with. It is the most fulfilling job I have ever had knowing how many children's lives you have positively affected.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?

I have a passion for bow hunting which I do at every opportunity. I love spending time with my family on vacations, kids sports activities, and family get togethers. I love camping, fishing and going to the movies.