Employee of the Month: Amanda White

What originally made you want to work with EA? Employee of the Month Amanda White

I originally started working with EA as an intern. My field advisor assisted me in finding the perfect placement, a local foster family agency in my hometown. I knew that I wanted to work with children and my former field advisor assisted me in landing a spot as an intern with EA. I then stayed with EA for the entirety of my grad school journey because I loved it so much. I extended my internship at the end of the first year and did 2 full internship years with EA. I loved my time working with EA so much that when I was offered a job at the end of those 2 years I immediately said yes and I have been happily working with the company ever since.

Describe what your best day on the job looks like:

The best day on the job for me is seeing my clients succeeding in their placements. It can be a challenging job at times due to the nature of foster care and the associated trauma these kiddos go through. But the days that I see a child coming out of their shell and opening up and being able to be a kid again are the days that I feel help power me through even the most difficult times.

What do you wish people knew about working in your field?

I wish people would understand the importance of trauma-informed care. I see so many people struggling to communicate in this field with the kiddos, biological families, and resource parents. Trauma informed responses can really help in almost every situation and they make it a safe place for everyone to feel supported. I cannot stress enough the importance and value of this skill set in my field.

How do you practice self care?

I personally have many hobbies and interests that fuel my self care routine. But a typical day for me starts with me waking up at 4am to go workout for 2-3 hours before I head to work. I have recently implemented exercise into my daily routine as a way of staying mentally and physically healthy so I can be a better parent and social worker. Working out has helped me gain endurance and energy to power through my long days at work. I also enjoy doing special effects makeup as a hobby, and playing with my French bulldogs is another one of my favorite self care activities. I have too many to list on here so I will keep the few I have so far!

What's a hidden talent you have, or something about yourself that would surprise most people?

That I can do special effects makeup, which is also one of my favorite self care activities. I also do modeling on the side during my free time and walk in fashion shows and work with freelance artists for magazine publications. I am also proud to say that I run my own business on the side as well so I’m a good multi-tasker. I really love staying busy and feel my best self when I am achieving new goals or personal records. So all of my personal achievements are what keep me feeling good and inspire not only myself but the people around me - and that’s what fuels me to keep on doing better every day. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Tracy office is the best. :)