Employee of the Month: Alex Talli

Close up of Alex

What originally made you want to work with EA?
I first started my journey with EA as a social work intern while completing my bachelors degree. I chose EA as I have always had a desire to work with children, and EA was able to offer me the experience of working one on one with clients and doing what I was passionate about. EA has offered me growth throughout my time at the agency that I am very grateful for.

Describe what your best day on the job looks like:
My best day on the job is when I know that my work is helping a client for the better. Whether it is helping a THP client enroll in college, or getting a foster child connected with needed mental health services, I love when I am able to see positive change in my clients life.

What do you wish people knew about working in your field?
If I could pick one thing for people to know about working in this field, it would be that no two days look the same. Being a social worker for EA has helped me learn to multitask and go with the flow, as things are always changing. While this can be overwhelming at times, overall it is a great aspect of the job as not a day goes by that I am bored of my job.

How do you practice self care?
I practice self care by detaching from work on the weekends. It can be easy to answer my phone after hours, but I feel that having time away from work to decompress and do things I enjoy can be just as important as helping my clients. Without properly taking care of myself, it could be difficult to put my full effort in during the work week. In my free time, I enjoy going golfing and spending time with friends and family.

What's a hidden talent you have, or something about yourself that would surprise most people?
Something about me that may surprise most people is that I do not have vision out of my left eye. I was born without vision in this eye, and how I see the world is normal to me and doesn't affect my daily life. This can surprise people, as my pupils are often not dilated to the same size.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I have truly enjoyed my time working at EA, and am grateful for my support system I have built at the agency. My supervisor, Tiffany McGee, has been a great mentor and is always there to answer my questions and help me through difficult situations. I am grateful for all of the staff at EA that have gone out of their way to assist me and help me grow as a person, as well as a social worker.