EA Spotlight: We Love Our Clients!


We're honored to have met so many wonderful foster parents and kids, volunteers, and industry partners over the years. Today we'd like to share letters from two of our amazing clients who each worked with us in a different capacity. The first is from one of our foster mothers, and the second was sent by a young man who participated in our Transitional Housing Program (THP). Read on to learn more!

Hello, I wanted to tell you about my experience in becoming a foster mom. I honestly and truly had no idea that I had a void in my life until after I became a foster mother. My husband and I lived a quiet little life with one another. We were walking along the sidewalk in Quincy one day when we came across a sign, "foster parents needed." We talked about it, and tossed the thought around in our minds for many months before we decided to walk through those doors at Environmental Alternatives.

We met Alex, our social worker, and after that introduction, our lives would never be the same. The steps you take to become a licensed foster home is no different from your normal day-to-day routine of maintaining a home. A few simple changes like moving the glass cleaner beneath the kitchen sink into our lockable laundry room is a "new" difference for us; nothing drastic or extraordinary. It was simple enough. We were excited and probably just as nervous as the two siblings placed in our home last January. It's been over a year now and we're in the middle of adoption. I honestly and truly had no idea that I was missing anything in my life until well after these two children came into my life. I couldn't imagine life without their little smiles, life without their little arms wrapped around my neck hugging me tight, or their little hands inside my own, looking up at me as we cross the street.

Our home is no longer silent, it's full of laughter and joy with the pitter patter of little feet running and playing. It's a wonderful feeling deep inside when the children start calling you mom or dad. Their little eyes looking up at you with love and all the trust in the world! You become their entire world, a world they would never have known or experienced had we not decided to become foster parents. I can't imagine my world without these kids. I don't even remember what it was like before they entered our lives, and I don't want to. These children have turned our house into a home. These kids have made us better people because I see they're watching and learning from us, and as I only want the best for them it pushes us to be better people! Becoming foster parents is one of the very best things that has ever happened to us!

Calvin, a graduate of our Transitional Housing Program sent in this letter to describe his experience working with our team, most notably Anna Garrison.

I grew up in a home with a physically and mentally abusive father. After entering foster care, I was chosen to participate in the THP housing program. THP and THP Plus have allowed me to learn in a more secure way. Things that would normally be hazardous for me to learn on my own, like establishing a budget, have been made easier. Security in finances taught me to spread out my one-time expenses, and learn how to apply for and participate in college courses. The financial security has also allowed me to explore job options that would otherwise not have been possible.

Anna has gone above and beyond in dealing with my case. She's  been extremely cooperative with my sometimes difficult disposition. She's been a beacon of moral support, and a solid sounding board for advice when considering any course of action. She's also been a great resource for learning about many different topics. She's helped me to research everything from parenting resources, how to apply to college, building credit, and different medical insurance options. My long-term goals include providing stability and security to my daughter, and acquiring certifications in cybersecurity and web application environments. Eventually I'd like to join the cybersecurity field as a web application developer and PenTester.

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