One of the challenging aspects of parenting is deciding how to best help kids develop healthy habits. Establishing positive routines early in life is incredibly important, and can help prepare your kids for a healthy, successful future. As 2019 has finally arrived and we're in the season of setting resolutions for the year ahead, we thought we'd share some tips on how to establish healthy habits with kids. 

This month we're pleased to feature Laurie Roach as January's employee of the month. Read on to learn more about what made her want to join the EA team, what her best day on the job looks like, and more! What led you to EA, and what originally interested you in the company?

  "A word of encouragement from a teacher to a child can change a life. A word of encouragement from a spouse can save a marriage. A word of encouragement from a leader can inspire a person to reach her potential." - John C. Maxwell

We're pleased to feature our Office Manager Supervisor, Kathy Roddy, for our first leadership spotlight piece of 2019! By working in hardware stores her father owned and/or managed since the age of 10, Kathy developed a strong work ethic at an early age. As an adult, she worked as a bookkeeper for an insulation subcontractor, a position she stayed in for 12 years. 

This month we're excited to feature our Transitional Housing Program Director Anna Garrison for our leadership spotlight! Originally from Nevada County, CA, Anna had several experiences early in life that contributed to her success with EA. Read on to learn more about how she found her way to EA Family Services, her advice to those interested in working with foster youth, and more!

Our employee of the month is our wonderful Office Manager, Kitty Cannon! Prior to her position with EA Family Services, Kitty worked at Macy's for twenty years. Seeking a job closer to home that would allow her to spend more time with family, she joined the EA team. Read on to learn more about Kitty! What originally made you want to work with EA Family Services? 

  "Change is the end result of all true learning." - Leo Buscaglia

The holiday season can be stressful, particularly for youth in foster care. With that in mind, we thought we'd provide a helpful roundup of tips for foster parents, fun Christmas crafts for kids, and a list of resources for those looking to give back this holiday season.  Holiday Tips for Foster Parents

Our November employee of the month is Jeanne Harvey! Prior to her current position with us as a FFA Social Worker, Jeanne worked for Tuolumne and Amador CPS for several years. Through her position with CPS, she was able to build a relationship with EA, particularly Office Manager Rhonda Evans and Social Worker Jennifer Gilliam.  "As a placement worker I always opted to use EA homes, as they provided a high level of professionalism, welcoming foster homes, and assistance with transportation and visitation."  

Deally Curran, one of our amazing Social Worker Supervisors here at EA Family Services, is our choice for November's Leadership Spotlight! Although she experienced some difficult times early in life, she found strength and solace from the support of her parents.  "My parents always taught me to work hard and never give up. I believe no matter how hard our past might have been, we can always rise above and start again."