Our Adoption Process

Foster to Adopt
(Adoption through Foster Care)

According to AdoptUsKids.org, there are approximately 400,000 kids in foster care and there are 117,000 waiting to be adopted. We know children thrive when placed with loving, stable families. When children enter our Foster Family program, our ultimate goal is to find them permanency, whether that’s with relatives, their foster parents, or to return to their birth home.

Adopting through the foster care system, also called foster to adopt, specializes in assisting foster families who wish to adopt through the foster care system. The approved foster family provide a waiting child with a permanent and loving home.

At EA Family Services, we offer a holistic approach to assist our foster to adopt families, who meet regulatory requirements, by supporting them in providing exceptional care to the youth placed in their home. We work with our foster to adopt families through the entire resource family approval process and help determine the best goodness-to-fit child for their home. Most adoptive families seeking a child are expected to foster a potential youth prior to an adoption placement being made.

Interested in our foster to adopt program? We’d love to help you become a forever family.

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Private Agency Adoption

Do you have a child you will be adopting from their birth parents and need additional support? EA can help assist in your private adoption with comprehensive knowledge on court documentation and negotiation with birth families. Unlike foster to adopt, there is an adoption fee based on each step in the private adoption process. We are here to help!

Out-of-state and out-of-country for private adoption are currently not offered by EA Family Services.

Do you want more information on our private agency adoptive services? Contact us for more information!

Home Study

Are you in need of a home study or psychosocial assessment on your family and home? EA Family Services is committed in helping you grow your family or have a relative placed in your home. We offer contracted written home study services for families residing in California. If you are in California and require a written home study assessment, we can help you! Our talented staff are ready to come to your home and assist you.

If you are in need of home study services, please contact us for more information.