What is the difference between fostering to adopt a child versus private domestic adoptions?

When a family fosters to adopt, they become a certified resource (foster) home, and the child placed with them becomes a dependent of the state. Foster children of various ages, including many school-age children and teenagers, require placement in such homes. It is important for the resource home to adhere to the regulations set by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) in order to maintain compliance.

When adopting a child domestically, families seeking adoption usually work with a private adoption agency to adopt a child from the child's birth mother. This is known as private domestic adoption. When a family decides to go through the private adoption process, they are required to pay a fee. This fee is used by the private adoption agency to conduct a home study with the help of a social worker. The social worker will also provide guidance to the family regarding the regulatory laws related to private domestic adoption set by CDSS.

Did you know you can adopt a child from foster care?

EA is a dually licensed foster and adoption agency. Having both licensures allow our agency to promote further stability in the lives of foster children. Once a child is eligible for adoption from foster care, they can be adopted by their resource family.

What is the process of becoming a Resource (Foster) Family?

EA offers Resource Family Approval (RFA) process for all foster-to-adopt families. For more information, please get in touch with adoptions@ea.org

Do I have to pay to adopt a child from foster care?

There are minimal fees associated with fostering to adopt a child. Contact our agency today for a free qualified consultation regarding our foster-to-adopt program.

"When we set out on our fostering journey, we had no idea what life had in store for us. We have been blessed to adopt 3 sons. The wonderful people of EA have become like family as well, guiding us through the fostering process and being there every step of the way for our adoptions. Thanks to EA, we are Daddy and Pappa forever."

— Jin Livengood Family, Lodi, CA

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