EA Family Services understands that every child is unique with a unique set of needs.

We know that not every treatment plan will work with every child. Some children tend to do well in a community setting but may need a higher level of residential support than a foster home is able to provide.

The purpose and intentionality of our residential program (STRTP) is to provide a safe, consistent and therapeutic environment that allows for kids in placement to receive emotional and environmental support and guidance.

Our goal and commitment is to support our youth in such a way that they are able to begin the healing process, and gain skills that will help them transition successfully.

We have four facilities located throughout Northern California. Butte Valley, located in Butte County, is licensed for boys, ages 7 to 14. Nighthawk, also located in Butte County, is licensed for boys, ages 6 to 12. Diamond Peak, located in Lassen County, is licensed for boys, ages 13 to 17. Losh, located in San Joaquin County, is licensed for girls, ages 6 to 12.

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Our residential facilities provide specialized care through direct supervision, client-focused treatment, and other supporting services. 

Although this program operates individually-licensed facilities with varying capacities, we employ qualified staff to ensure we meet the goals and regulations determined by California law. These group homes offer stable living environments for children who require support, guidance, and services that focus on their individual needs. 

Some of our STRTP services include:

  • Food & shelter
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Specialty mental health support
  • Recreation
  • Medical treatment
  • Transportation

"Our approach has always been that the agent of change is the parent.”

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