National Social Work Month: 2020

Every March, National Social Work Month celebrates the nearly 700,000 social workers across the country to focus a light on their valuable contributions. This year, in order to help highlight National Social Work Month we're bringing you a curated list of some of our favorite articles and content centered around our industry. Hit the link below to discover our list, and learn more about how you can help celebrate in your own community!

Breńe Brown's TED talk: The Power of Vulnerability

Brown is a researcher, professor, and author, whose TED talk on the Power of Vulnerability shares incredible insights from her research on shame, empathy, and of course, vulnerability. A must-see for anyone in the social work field!

Suzanne Dworak-Peck's podcast: Listen.Up.People.

Peck's podcast, Listen.U.People., features a wide array of people working within the industry who are dedicated to advocacy on critical issues like childhood trauma, the systemic issues and culture of gun violence, human trafficking, and more. 

Social Work Elevators Raise Profession's Visibility

This article, by Kathryn Conley Wehrmann, PhD, LCSW, offers an insightful look at some of the champions of the industry. In this piece Wehrmann also requests input from other social workers on their "social work elevator speech/story, and what makes you proud to be a social worker." 

World Social Work Day

Looking for a way to celebrate National Social Work Month? March 19th is World Social Work Day! This year the theme is "Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships," and more information can be found on the IFSW website

Social Work Month 2020 Toolkit

If you're a social worker seeking more resources to help boost the signal and get the word out about Social Work Month, check out this toolkit from the Social Workers website.