Employee of the Month: Francisco Sosa, LCM

How long have you been with EA? What roles have you had? Francisco Sosa

Since starting with the company this past year, I started off as a THP Case Manager, then was brought into the ECM program and transitioned to CalAIM.

What originally made you want to work with EA?

I was drained working at a mental hospital, and felt that I needed a change of scenery. I wanted to be around others in a place where I could feel that just being there and assisting people could make a difference in their lives. I saw that EA was opening here in Bakersfield, so I gave it a shot to see if I could get in. Never would I expect to be hired the same day I did my interview! And now here I am, 9 months later, being thanked by clients of mine for helping them make a change in their lives.

Describe what your best day on the job looks like:

The best day would be taking the day off to go play 18 rounds of golf, but that won't happen until retirement or the weekend. The best day on the job would have to be getting all my documentation done and into the program, and making sure all my members needs are being met. For me, having a positive flow is the best way to have a good day at work and definitely being around good people makes the day go from average to great.

What do you wish people knew about working in your field?

Having patience is the biggest thing that I work on a daily basis. I will work with members who are ready to go and get the resources they need or I will have members who will take a day or a few to connect with the resource given.

How do you practice self care?

Too many things to list for self-care, but the things I like to do most are to spend time with my wife and my dogs. Other times you can catch me watching a movie or sports, or being active on the green when I have time. Usually if I only have 10-15-minutes for self-care during the workday, I'll use the putting strip in the office or have a laugh with my coworkers.

What's a hidden talent you have, or something about yourself that would surprise most people?

No hidden talents that I know about. Not many people know this, but I can be a nerd at times. I have my collection of comic books, pop figurines and I like to dress up for comic cons as well.