This month we're pleased to feature Transporter Keith Key as our Employee of the Month. What originally made you want to work with EA? Donna (a Social Worker for EA) thought I would make a good transporter. So she and Rhonda (a Office Manager for EA) put in my resume, and the rest is history.

This month we're pleased to feature Ginger Goodrich as our Employee of the Month. What originally made you want to work with EA?

This month we're pleased to feature Lake Francis Resort's Resort Manager, Rhona Bekker, for Leadership Spotlight! Rhona was born and raised in South Africa, and moved to North America in the 80's with the desire for a better future for her young family. After the horror of 9/11 she decided they needed to start crossing things off their own bucket list, and not wait for the "perfect time". EA had just acquired Lake Francis and had posted a Workamper Ad in the fall of 2001- she applied, and this was to be the first, short leg of their journey....... well, the rest is history.

This month we're pleased to feature Clayton Morgan as our Employee of the Month. Clayton was managing a hog farm when he first heard about EA, and he knew he was getting ready to make a change and needed a letter of recommendation. He called a former colleague and learned about an open Housing Coordinator position. This position sounded like a good fit and the rest is history!

We love supporting the many communities where our offices are located. Check out the list of events below to learn where the EA team will be next! September 14 Pepper Festival & Hot Sauce Expo Gold County Fairgrounds Swing by the EA Family booth & learn about how to become a foster parent! For more information check out the event page.  September 21

This month we're pleased to feature one of our amazing Social Worker Supervisors, Jasmine Nutt, for Leadership Spotlight! After earning her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Spanish, she worked as the Assistant Director with a small nonprofit. While there, she was able to lead some of the first AP12 efforts in Los Angeles county. While in grad school, Jasmine worked in two separate group home models, studying the subtleties (while also witnessing the first wave of STRTP implementation). 

“To be rendered powerless does not destroy your humanity. Your resilience is your humanity. The only people who lose their humanity are those who believe they have the right to render another human being powerless. They are the weak. To yield and not break, that is incredible strength.” – Hannah Gadsby

Even though we're still in the full swing of summer, the time for kids to head back to school will be here before you know it. And while the idea of heading back to school can bring a wide range of emotions for parents and kids alike, it can be especially trying for foster youth. With that in mind, we've compiled our top tips to help ensure a smooth transition.  Get them excited about new opportunities

Long before Jenna Lowe joined the EA Family team as one of our incredible social worker supervisors, she knew she wanted to help others. After earning a Bachelor's in psychology from Sacramento State University, she decided to enter the Master's program at the University of San Francisco; it was there that her focus began to narrow. She landed a position with EA as a case manager, and since then has worn many hats with us including social worker, lead social worker, and finally, supervisor.

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey